The Two Hundred and Sixth Post: The One Where I am Figuratively and Literally Dog Tired…

Hello, all. I don’t think I will be doing much writing today because I am tired. As you know, I work an odd shift: 6pm-12am (not my idea) and when I get home I am still not ready to fall dead asleep, so I’ll stay up and go to various sites to muck around, or play a little Xbox so that it doesn’t think I’ve run off with that floozy PlayStation 3. Well, I decided to revisit an old friend:

There is a reason why it takes place in a city in Mozambique

This is not the reason why I am tired. I went to bed at 3:30, an hour later than I normally do. I normally get up at around 10:30 – still 6 good hours of sleep. Instead, my neighbor’s dog starts barking his head off at 7:00 and everything starts to happen: cars honking, people chatting at a volume reserved for shouting “Danger Close!” and that damn dog keeps barking. Seriously, I try to get back to sleep, but every time I close to falling asleep that dog starts barking at something. I am at the point now where if my eyes close they feel like they’re burning and try to roll back into my head. Yeah – I’m that tired, and I feel like this most of the time. Those dogs start barking early in the morning seemingly as soon as I get able to relax to rest. Anyone who’s seen me in real life may notice the bags under my eyes and the half-lidded look I give you. I’m not high, merely sleep deprived.

Sadly, I had to shower and get dressed for work after trying to take a 45 minute nap. This is going to be cut short again, but I promise that I will try to make up for it tomorrow.



Seething Apathy