Behind Enemy Lines: Hey, These R’s Are Backwards On This Map! Dammit…

Hello all. Sorry if my post sounded abrupt last time, but the 28th is a hard day for me. I am back and sadly I can’t give you a novel update because I spend the day trying to get my anti-virus updated and this company has made it eye-bleedingly difficult. I am going to write over the weekend and gain a little ground. I’ve figured out what Tyro is going to remember and I’m going to do another flashback before getting back to the present day. I’m looking forward to it, more so that I am going to give Nysa a break from what I was going to originally. We will see.

I’m looking forward to this long holiday weekend (which I am getting paid for, thankfully) to be able to get more novelizing done and still have some time for the important things: Borderlands 2 (going to get GOTY for the PC) and maybe a movie or two. I still have to watch Grace and The Last Exorcism so I might do that Saturday night with some popcorn. No rum, sadly…I’ve only got a few dollars to my name after I get gas and have paid the bills. So rum its going to be a next week sort of thing.

I have gotten a couple of plot bunnies for a swords & sorcery. One of them concerns the cost of magic in this world and I had the idea of a sorceress just known as The Woman. The idea that she had to give up her true identity in order to gain more power for contracts with other beings. The more she gives up, the more power she gets. I’m trying to stay away from the traditional ‘pound of flesh’ sort of thing because that’s been done to death. So the idea I had wad she’s giving up parts of her identity — giving up her family name, for example and the stakes keep going up from there. In our society, our button of identity is more grounded in a data set rather than something like a family name. Look at it this way: how much of your personal reputation would you give up for say… the power to heal yourself from injury that would kill someone else? Where in that scramble for power are you going to draw the line? To ruin the punchline for a favorite joke: “He don’t chase rabbits.” could be the personal limit for some people, but not others. Right now I’m just working on this when I should be working on either the novel or on another project. At least it gives me a chance to get used to using this Swype keyboard.

Well, back to faking interest. I hope y’all have a good holiday weekend.

Seething Apathy