The Two Hundred and Seventh Post: The One Where I Have No Idea What to Talk About…Any Suggestions?

Well, my weekend was fun – got to chat some with the writer’s group and got some feedback on the first part of the chapter (oddly enough, it was good feedback for a very rough draft). I had pizza, bought the latest DLC for the copy of Borderlands 2 on my PC. All in all is was a very good weekend. Didn’t get any writing done, but I knew that was coming with the writing group/pizza party. Didn’t get to watch any movies, but then again – my first paycheck tends to go to the bills first. Anyway, enough of that. Oh, one more thing about the writer’s group – there is someone there who speaks Russian… which is the language I picked for anyone from the Tarjen region. I was hoping to avoid the ‘this isn’t how you write this’ by picking Russian – after all, how many people in Louisville speak Russian natively. Well – at least one and she’s in my writing group. I get those odds, but the Powerball odds? Nada.

Well, I just finished the latest installment of the novel and I am noticing that Tyro is being a lot more assertive than I thought she would be in the series. Then again, she is with the other ushabit, so I am guessing her assertiveness is a matter of ‘well, I’m the only one here who’s thinking about this’. I am certain that when she gets with the others in the story, she will be more docile – much to the exasperation of the other characters. I can’t wait to get to that part. I am almost done with this chapter, I just need to finish them getting through the demon thicket and finding some shelter for the night and resting. After that, they’re going to have a couple of well-deserved peaceful(ish) chapters before having to move on. Poor dears deserve it.

Well, everything else continues along at a pace. This is the dry week, so there is little trouble I can get into here. I did get the latest issue of the Lovecraft Horror e-zine so I will have something to read at work. I am trying to not buy any more books until I have finished the ones I have in my Kindle. I will wait until you finish laughing. So far, I’ve finished three books (The Alice in Deadlands trilogy – which I recommend) and working on a fourth. Up next is Dan Simmon’s Carrion Comfort, which I have read before and loved. I also have a biography of Pablo Escobar (Killing Pablo) and some works on the Soviet tactics in Afghanistan (The Bear Went Over the Mountain) and then I think I can finally sink my teeth into The Kushiel Trilogy (Kushiel’s Dart, Kushiel’s Chosen and Kushiel’s Avatar) and finish it. If there is one fantasy series to pick up, it’s this one. Holy cow – if I can be that… luxurious in description, I would be happy.

Off to shower, lunch and work.

Hope y’all have good day.



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