The Two Hundred and Fourth Post: The One Where I Turn Tuesday Into Productivity Day!

Tuesdays for me aren’t that good of a writing day usually. It’s hard to get into the swing of things when at best you’ve had four hours of sleep and enough caffeine in the morning to kill an elephant. If I get out over one hundred words, I am ecstatic. Usually, it’s caffeine, blog, mutter, novel, quit, Xbox – but today I thought I would do something different. Today, I worked on the novel first and my word count is now 32,493! Today I put down 1,560 – an increase by…well… yeah, a huge number (look, if I was good in math, I’d be a scientist, but I’m not – OK?). So now when I am normally showing those Covenant Elites who’s the boss, I am writing this blog. Hey – it seems to work and who knows, it might mean the beginning of a more productive time for me. Sure, I am way over deadline for this – I should be done with it by the end of September, not dragging to the end of the second act. Then again, I am not obsessing over the deadlines because:

  1. I have enough deadlines, time limits and other things going on in my dreaded real job to worry about. I don’t need to add on to it.
  2. The real stuff I need to worry about as far as this novel goes is making sure it is the best that it can be before the first round of edits start.
  3. Why worry about deadlines now? That’s why I am self-publishing, right? To be the master of my domain, the captain of my ship, the housecat sitting in front of the TV so the human can see more of glorious me (some personal experience on that one)!

As for the novel itself – Tyro had a bit of ‘Serpent in the Garden‘ moment that I found to be unexpected. While Tyro is supposed to be the one that uses her wits more than her muscles, I don’t normally see her as being guile in this manner. I usually associate that in my mind with Aevar. However, it does fit with what Tyro has rattling around in her head and how she is accessing and using those memories. The good news is, by the end of this week I should have this chapter done and by the end of next week the second act should be finished and we can take a small breather to allow the characters some time to enjoy their escape. Not a whole lot mind you – this is something I am writing.

This Friday (in breathless anticipation) I am trying to decide which movie I want to see at night: Arang, Mama, or Grace. I am leaning towards Grace because there I did start it a while back and just never finished it. I might do that and double down on the popcorn (while I have a popcorn popper, I just like having a bowl of white cheddar popcorn… or better yet – kettle corn!) for that night.

Well, look at that – I still have some time to act as a plasma bolt catcher. Have a good day and I’ll try to duck slightly faster than the speed of light.



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