The Two Hundred and Eleventh Post: The One Where I Finally Figured Out Something…

I had a good weekend, I got a new toy from work (apparently, if you a good job, you get points towards getting little gadgets and I’ve apparently done 8,000 points of a good job) a lot sooner than I expected. I do have some good writer news to detail below, but I am going to save that. There is not a whole lot to detail here – I had a decent, restful weekend and I am ready to get back into the novel.

Well, the problem I was having with the third Tyro novel was that I had a theme (apotheosis) and an opening scene, but nothing else. When I was writing the outline for the second book I wanted to add a secondary character that was introduced in the first book (I’m actually getting to that point in the manuscript) by the name of Lady Khepri: the newest member of the Ahaut Taui and potentially a rival to Tyro’s former Master. I wanted her in the second book to act as a foil to the antagonist, Siva. So, I wrote the outline and I kept forgetting that Khepri was there, supposedly pushing Tyro along against both Siva and the court of Daergal. I can see why – Khepri was meant to be the antagonist in the third book. The theme behind the first book is escape, the second one is freedom and the third is apotheosis. Khepri is Tyro’s dirty funhouse mirror in that regard: she’s obtained apotheosis by undergoing the steps to join the Ahaut Taui, but she has none of the morality. Tyro has the morality by the third book, but she’s reluctant to accept that power. So, instead of Lady Khepri trying to get on Tyro’s good side in the second book in order to try to claim her as her own ushabit, I am going to have an ushabit planted there by Lady Khepri to keep tabs on Siva and stumble onto Tyro by accident. I think that would work out a little better.

Wow – summer is pretty much over except for the sweating in the last few days and now we are coming to fall. I am starting the countdown to my last vacation: the last week in October – of which I think I’m only going to get the last four days rather than the week and a half I asked for originally. Not bad, at least it’s time off and I am not going to work on my birthday. I might even try to gather the nerve to ask someone to have lunch with me on that day. But I’m looking too far ahead for such a thing. I just need to focus on this week and getting this chapter finished… and maybe getting some DLC for Borderlands 2 and maybe watching another episode of Attack on Titan.

So, off to have a seamstress measure a gorilla for some clothes. It’ll make sense later on, I promise.



Seething Apathy

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