Behind Enemy Lines: Is That Your Left or Mine?

Hello all.  Got my 1,500 out today, but I ran out of time to write anything in the blog. I’ve been doggin’ it (as my uncle would say) for the past few days and I finally got the inertia up to carry me across the finish line. I’m working on chapter eight, still I’m having a bit of a time getting the chapter going mostly because I’m having a change in POV from the ushabit to the happy villagers. I’m doing this because I think the reader can use the break from the sturm und drang and we get to see them act in what we would consider a natural environment. I might end up moving the scene with the bandits (when we see Nysa perform a Master Class wig-out) to the next chapter and have the scene with the Master’s soldiers either as an interlude out just take it out completely. I might do the later since I don’t want to have the influence of the Master suite up very often…which reminds me I need to write the interlude that introduces Lady Khepri. Got to have that gun on the mantle.

Other than that, there is little else going on. I’m getting ready for NanoWriMo and I might take the opportunity to do a quick one-off novel (perhaps a romance?), just to give Tyro and company a bit of a break. Also give myself a chance to work on a different part of the same world. I should probably redraw the map at some point just to keep everything looking better. The hand drawn map I have is from a future map of the US, and you can tell its from the US. Maybe if I get some spare time, I should research it and try to make it as realistic as possible.

Drat. Back to work.

Seething Apathy

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