The Two Hundred and Twelfth Post: The Further Adventures of Dogging!

I don’t know what it is with this chapter, but it’s coming in small drips and drabs. All the ushabit have to do is pull out a stump, but it’s faster to pull out the stump than write about it. I’m wondering if it’s just that there is no great external conflict – no bullets, no bombs, no bleeding. It’s an important scene to let us see the ushabit from someone else’s eyes, but it’s just so slow in coming out. I managed to get the 1,500 out yesterday, but it took me almost all the morning for me to do that. I am considering stepping away and working on it in my head a little more before putting it down on paper. Right now, I have written for about an hour and a half and managed to get only 364 words out. Yeah, I’m doggin’ it again. I think I’ll just write this blog and call it a day. As much as that little voice inside me keeps screaming to finish, I know that the more I just sit there and putter around, the more frustrated I get and the more frustrated I get the less productive I am at the screen. A couple of people have suggested that I might skip ahead to the next scene and just keep moving, but I am afraid that I am going to forget that I skipped something after I send it to Amazon (an irrational fear, I know – my editor will more than likely catch that and ask me where the rest is, but I am trying to lessen her load as much as possible).

On other news, I have started walking again after work. Just a couple of miles down to the library and past the post office – not a whole lot but it is exercise and a lot more than what I was doing a week ago (nothing). With the weather cooling down somewhat, I hope I will come home looking less and less like someone threw me in a pool on a lark. I also am going to register the rare complaint about Apple TV: they’re not updating The Colbert Report as they should. When I check on the feed through my subscriptions, it only shows the episode from the 4th. When I go through as if I am going to purchase more episodes, I can find them all. It’s frustrating that I have to go through all of these different pages on the TV just to get to the show I want. I’m thinking about not renewing the pass and just trying it on Hulu Plus – it’s a less than a multi-pass ($7.99 a month versus $20.00) and I don’t miss anything. Don’t get me wrong – Apple TV is great, but I don’t like the idea of missing shows just because they’re tucked away somewhere else. Speaking of shows, I should go on ahead and grab the season pass to Sons of Anarchy and Ghost Adventures. Yes – I watch some of those ghost hunter shows. It helps me get ideas for a novel I might write one of these days.

Well, I am off to shower and get ready for work. I hope y’all have a good day.



Seething Apathy

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