Behind Enemy Lines: Digging A Tunnel With A Spork

Today is Thursday the 12th, so you all know what that means. Yes, National “Not My Fault! Day” will be here before you know it. Black cats are lined up to waltz across your path in a conga line of misfortune at the stroke of midnight.

This week as far as writing has been concerned, but I am going to take this weekend and shrug it off. I think that one of the issues that has been plaguing me has been the little things in this one book and casting an eye towards NaNoWrimo in a month and a half. I am thinking about writing “Heart of Clay” (a romance, stop laughing) and trying to get that one finished in time for some light editing over the holidays. I’m still going to finish the Tyro novel in the same breath. So, I will be dividing my time in between the two books and hopefully get them both into some sort of working order.

Speaking of working order, Tyro’s third novel totters towards completion. I like having some sort of musical theme for the novel I’m working on. With Tyro’s first novel, it’s “Truth and Reconciliation Suite” from Halo. The second novel has “Sorceror” by Marilyn Martin. For the third novel, and this was found by happy accident, I have this piece as the theme. It really hits on Tyro’s quandary in the third novel: she knows that she has more to do, but she isn’t sure as to how to get there or even if she can (or should) ask for help. Give it a listen, leave an opinion or tell me to get bent (I’m lonely).

I get paid tomorrow and I think that rather than living it up, I am going to lay low as it were. I want to save up some cash to get myself a Chromebook (the gadgets are my vice) for my birthday. Besides, I’ve got some plumber issues to take care of this weekend. I would love to put that off for later, but this is one of those things that isn’t going to wait. I will spare you, dear reader, the grisly details.

Oh, with Thanksgiving coming, my idea for dinner is going to be simple: home made pizza. Yes…turkey pizza. Simple, quick and its going to be delicious. If you ask nicely, I’ll even save you a slice.

Well, have to go back to work and finishing reading this “Order of the Stick” archive. How y’all have a good day.

Seething Apathy

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