The Two Hundred and Seventeenth Post: The One Where I Just Sit Here…

Well, I am going to be honest. I am just here. I’m waking up slowly today, but I am going to work on this blog and get in some words so I can put some more into the chapter and hopefully finish it out for Saturday. Boy, I need to get some more Death Wish Coffee. I’d brew it with Pepsi Max if I wasn’t worried about my heart exploding out my chest with the force of a supernova. For now, it’s gonna be this little coffee cup and some music. At least it’s Friday and work has been blessedly light. I got a manga reader on tablet, so I’ve been glutting myself on some of the more obscure titles (that have been translated) until December 31st when the next volume of Empowered is put out. I also need to remember to preorder that when I get paid in November. I recommend it highly – good art work and some not-so-stealthy jabs at the superhero genre.

Tyro. They’re still trying to pull that stump out. Hopefully it will come out today so I can get Nysa’s big breakdown done on Saturday after the writers’ group. That will close the chapter and hopefully get the story back to moving in a regular pace. It just feels like this chapter (one of the few non-ushabit centric ones) has been dragging on. I hope that feeling doesn’t come out in the work itself. As far as the romance goes, I can see that there is very little room to do any major shake-ups in the genre itself. So far, the only thing I have going for it is a squishy male and an Amazonian female. Not really sure what I can tweak majorly – I should get a couple of books about romance novels in general and maybe read a couple (the things I do for my art) and try to figure out what I can do. Obviously, I need to have the HEA ending (Happily Ever After) but what is going to happen in between the first incident and the final sentence. I have an idea of a plot (possession, sex, travelling, sex, gunplay… and something else… maybe sex?) and some nifty scenes, but I am just trying to see where I can put in a unique twist and try to avoid this book being formulaic. I’ll have to figure something out. Maybe the pair never get together in the end? Hmm…just thinkin’ on it. Thankfully, I don’t have to have the outline done until the end of October.

There aren’t many other things coming out in the theatres soon that I am rabidly looking forward to. Just the movie Gravity and We Are What We Are (yes, I have a fascination for cannibals) coming out this month. I might go see one of them in the theatre, but the other I might have better luck in waiting for it to come to DVD, unless the ‘artsy’ movie house comes through. I really miss the Vogue theatre. Saw two of the best romances ever there and got to see Kenneth Branagh’s “Hamlet” on the big screen. Now it’s a shoe store and if I want to find some weird films, it’s either the multiplex near Bardstown Road (the name escapes me) or this place – not to disparage it, it’s my go-to for the Christmas Marathon…which reminds me, I need to start drawing up the list for this year’s event.

Off to lunch, writing, shower and driving as summer makes a last gasp here in Kentucky. Hope y’all have a good day.



Seething Apathy

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