The Two Hundred and Sixteenth Post: The One Where Those Dogs Intrude in my Dreams…

OK, I was having a dream and this is one of the rare dreams that I remember somewhat upon waking. What I remember the most is someone dressed in the Marine’s dress blue uniform opening a door and telling me that he had an important announcement…and then he started barking. In that dream, I said two things: ‘What the hell is this?’ and ‘Goddamn it…’ shortly before waking up to my neighbor’s dogs barking. It’s not often that I react to things in my dreams like that. Then again, those dogs get under my nerves rather quickly.

The stump continues to come out of the ground in Tyro’s novel. I am looking to finally get that thing ripped out this Saturday (this Friday I have to get a gift for someone’s birthday) and hopefully get to Nysa’s big honkin’ panic attack by next week to close out the chapter. Next up would the bandits and the ushabit hitting the road again – in other words: break’s over, back to misery. This novel is taking a little longer than I would like (I should be done by now…) but I am also trying to make this the best novel since this is going to be the Big One. As far as the Nanowrimo project, I’ve started to outline it to get ready for November. This one is going to be done at the same time the Tyro Project is being done – just to see if I can do it and I honestly get a kick out of doing Nanowrimo. Maybe this will be the first time I’ll finish it two years concurrently. I need to try to find that clipboard with the stickers from 2009. Anyways – the Nanowrimo project is a romance in the same realm as Tyro (if I had to put it into a time line, it would be in between Unbound and Unchained [books 1 and 2]), and I am trying to think of some ways where I can go a different route as far as the romance tropes – other than the main character is a mousy male and the main female lead is more aggressive. The visual reference I have for the leads is for the male Daniel Radcliff from post-Harry Potter and for the female Ronda Rousey (yes, in my head she is also the face for Marah in Tyro’s novel – it’s not like I have to pay her anything. If you have an idea for a muscular but still somewhat feminine looking blonde woman – please send it to me). I’m wandering around the idea of there being a consummation, but no lasting relationship on the part of the female lead (no names yet) and the male lead being OK with that. I just don’t want to do a by-the-numbers romance. Then again, I should probably know what the numbers are, shouldn’t I? Anyways, I am going to write and finish that during November so I can hopefully have a couple of other things out there beyond my first book.

Well, I need to go catch dinner. Hope y’all have a good day.



Seething Apathy

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