The Two Hundred and Twenty-First Post: The One Where I Am Just Sitting Here…

The only excitement I had yesterday was that I got to see how far I could travel on $3.55 worth of gas (answer: to my driveway) and listening to more Art Bell. Nothing else exciting happened yesterday and I hope for nothing more exciting than getting cut-off in traffic (yes, I set the bar low). Internet was down last night, so I was unable to check my email, so I went to bed. When I was much younger, I wanted a life of non-stop action, thrills and excitement. Now? Quiet. The greatest joy is sitting down in my living room for a quiet hour with a book (or Kindle with a book loaded in it). My younger self would have died from sensory deprivation.

Speaking of sensory deprivation, the Nanowrimo project is going to continue on whether it likes it or not. I didn’t have a lot of time to get to it at work yesterday, but since today is Thursday and usually a slow day at work, I should be able to outline the first act and maybe get into the second act. As far as Screaming Red-Haired Ushabit Orchards go… I should get into the screaming part today. I just have an issue about description – and this is something that I can take care of as far as the first set of revisions. Working with third person limited means I have one character view point to focus on. The question is that what would he focus on? Since the orchard is a common place for him, it would need not as much description as say Nysa, or her reactions to the orchard. Those are new things and would demand most of his attention (particularly the freak out). I just worry about being able to paint a complete picture. Reading things growing up I was always impressed on how some of the writers would be able to paint a complete picture in my head and that I was something I wanted to do. First, however – I have to get them down to the orchards. For the screaming.

There is little else to comment on. Haven’t gotten a chance to watch any good TV yet and someone was kind enough to give me the full final season of Dexter to watch at home, so I am going to invest some time in that. There is a series of books out that I am thinking about getting: The Laundry Files by Charles Stross. Yes, I am an unrepentant series collector. I also need to start on the Gentlemen Bastards and finally get back to Dune (don’t judge me). So many books, so little money and time… and limited space on my Kindle for all of my darling children. I might have to buy a second Kindle just for the non-fiction books.

Well, I need to torment more red-heads. I hope your day is just as productive.



Seething Apathy

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