The Eighty-First Post: The One Where I Have A Sweet, Sweet Olympic Hangover…

Well, the Olympics are done on Sunday and with that I should see an uptick in my productivity.  Obviously, since when you’ve hit bottom there is no where else to go but up.  When the Winter Games start, I intend to take those two weeks off (one way or the other) and not miss anything.  Now I get to look forward to the coming football season and try to get into a winter sport.  Hockey, mayhaps?

Well, I am writing this on Nook Color, so this will be a little shorter than my usual ones.  Also, there is nothing else really going on.  I am still working on the Poisoner’s School idea in my head and pushing along I/O Error in my head… and trying to get used to typing on this tiny keyboard.  I am still thinking about the disease.  I am tryig to think of something that would linger in the body for a while.  Given that the main character is a spy, I would think that something that would work on the mind would more dangerous.  I think that might be the route.  I’ll just ldt it turn around in my head.

All in all, while I am sad to see the Games end, I am happy to have my mornings back with the novel.

Seething Apathy

2 thoughts on “The Eighty-First Post: The One Where I Have A Sweet, Sweet Olympic Hangover…

  1. In my scifi story, my main character is “immunized” against her home planet — which means she can never go home — or if she does, the planet will gradually kill her … well, it makes sense in the story. Anyway, that gives her only a short time planetside to accomplish her mission or she will die. What if he receives a slow-acting poison or something?

    • Actually, given that the main character is a part of a poisoner’s guild — that would be a excellent final exercise. I had the idea when I thought of the opening line: “He has the Repose.” “How long?” “He can be serviceable for 3 months, after that… we should be kind to him.” I like the immunized idea — someone giving the main character a dose of something to stave off the worse of the effects, which makes him being an agent a bit dicey, especially out in the hostile field.

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