The Eighty-Fourth Post: The One Where I Watch The Only “Reality” Based Show I Like…

This is my secret shame… I love this show .  Sure, it may be faked but it’s an entertaining fake.  I’ve always been interested in the paranormal.  When I went to the library as a child, I would always go to the paranormal section (which I can find in any library) and read all the books there.  Shortly after that, I started my long love affair with horror.  I even told my mom that I wanted to study the paranormal… and got a rebuff for it — apparently being a paranormal investigator doesn’t pull in the big bucks (or at least it didn’t in 1976).  So with that nugget of wisdom in my mind, I tried to find other things to make money rather than follow dream.  Which is why I am trying to publish my work a lot later in life than other people.  Oh, well — the upside is that with today’s technology, I can publish without having to go through the gauntlet of agents, publishers and more rejection slips than trees.  So, maybe everything has worked out in the end.

I am working on the ice cream scene in the novel on my Nook Color.  I slept in a little today and won’t really have the time to work on the novel here.  I’ll try to finish the first ice cream scene and then go right to the second scene and possibly the third scene (also called the end), then load everything into the work processor and fill in the gaps.  Probably not the best way to do it, but it is the most efficient.  I also need to work on something for the writer’s group.  I might do 2,000 words from Image: Maker.  It’s first person — something I am not really comfortable with, but I should learn to stretch myself as far as writing goes.  I also need to grab $20.00 for the inevitable lunch.  I just hope we don’t have to go back to the Indian Buffet.  There was very little that was good.  I’d just as soon go to Chili’s and get some more of that bean dip.  Mmmm-mmm.

I am going to grumble about one more thing: Amazon.  I took advantage of the “Supersaver” and ordered three things: Empowered, vol 7, Rule 34 and Babylon Confidential.  The first two are already released, but the third one is not due to be released in November… and since I did the “Supersaver” and I had to pick the “ship items in as few packages as possible” I have to wait until November.  November!  I’m not really concerned about the other two books — I’m getting Babylon Confidential out of curiosity, and Rule 34 because I want to read some cyberpunk — but I’ve been waiting for Empowered for five months.  Really Amazon?  Really?  You’re not helping.  But, I will recommend Empowered — it’s got a manga look to it, but don’t let it fool you.  It’s a great read and a satire on a lot of comic book themes… and the main character is really hot.  Ok — that shouldn’t be one of the criterion for a comic book, but it’s true.  Emp is good looking.  There are mature themes, so you have been warned.

Well, I need to microwave my lunch and shower.  I hope you all have a great day.



Seething Apathy

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