The Eighty-Sixth Post: The One I Wrote While Trying Not To Yell At A Stranger…

Where I live, we have loud people. Normally, this doesn’t concern me, but it becomes an issue when I’m only getting five hours of sleep. Which means I have to double up on the caffeine to try to wake up for writing and the morning (yaaa… second shift!) so I can be ready for work in the afternoon. Bleh. I’m still a little sleepy, so I got the caffeine here and trying to get going. Tomorrow is the writer’s group, so I am going to write 2K in first person when I get home – and I sincerely hope to get out early. I have movies to watch, words to write and maybe some ice cream to eat. I have priorities after all.

I’ve finished the first ice cream scene in the final part of the novel, and now proudly moving on to the second scene.


I can’t get going this morning. I apologize. Saturday will be better, I swear.



Seething Apathy

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