The Ninetieth Post: The One Where I Remind Myself ‘It’s Wednesday… It’s Wednesday…’

With it being Wednesday, I have only two days left of work and then I skip gloriously into vacation. Yes, I keep harping on it – there is a good reason. I hate my job and I see the vacation as the one thing that’s going to save my sanity. Well, that and the half-half hard tea I will gleefully consume during the three days of vacation. I’m gonna love what little I remember about next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m going to do some work on the novel – in fact, I am going to finish it starting from this coming Saturday and finishing it up Wednesday night – and maybe even squeeze in a session or two of video gaming. My X-Box is so lonely and neglected. That and I might take a day to try to finish off the Olympics – like that 16 hours session that’s probably taking up half the DVR memory.

As I said earlier, I am going to finish the novel during my break and I intend on doing that. There is little left in what needs to be written (the end) and some scenes I need to wedge in there. My big question (and I can’t remember if I asked this or not) is that the main character is mute, but uses sign language. My question is that should we know what she’s saying or try to fumble through it with the other characters? If we should know what she’s saying, would it be in “quotes” or should I underline it like I’ve been doing in the last half of it? Personally, I vote underline – the main character has a wit about her that should be shared with everyone else, and I think that the whole ‘someone else restates what she says’ is a little played out. So – I think I’ll just maintain the current pattern and add to it in the beginning. Have no fear – it will be done. Really.

I also have a neat idea for a horror short story that I might put up here as a preview. I’ve watched enough of those ghost hunting shows to get a germ of an idea. Don’t worry – I’m still going to watch them (if my one favorite will ever get some new episodes and my other favorite will stop changing their name with every season and throwing off my DVR) because those are the only reality show that I really like. The only other reality show that I am watching right now is ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ just to get a better feel as to how the Rank would act around civilians and maybe around each other at certain points. I will get to Zeno’s Calendar after I finish the first Spooksayer novel, which comes after I/O Error. Nice to know I am going to be busy for at least the next year. That and I might try to do another 4 Bits and a Dollar. I have two short stories ready, I just need two more.

Well, I should scurry off and get ready for my job. For today is Wednesday… the halfway point in the week. Two more days… two more days….


Seething Apathy

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