The Ninety-Third Post: The One Where I Am Breathing Fine, Fine Vacation Air…

I am on vacation enjoying some recorded Olympic coverage (don’t spoil it for me) – 16 hours of coverage which will free up some more – a lot more since it is a digital channel – and then I will be able to relax a little bit as far as worrying about losing any thing. I’m also going to do some writing after I’ve finished here… and then it’s a microwaved lunch, more Olympics and writing to be followed by finally going out to Steak ‘n’ Shake for dinner and dessert to be followed by a little more writing and finally some X-Box… now that I have an X-Box Gold account for this year. I don’t play online that much because I don’t have the fast twitch reaction that most 12 year olds have. I play for the fun of it – which also reminds me – they’ve redone “Baldur’s Gate”! It’s being released the same time as Borderlands 2 and I have a chance to pre-order it online! I haven’t played it in years – I still have it on this PC in fact. I just hope that they stay true to the form of the game and not try to update it for 4e. I’m not a fan of that system. 2nd ed. was good, 3rd ed. was OK, but 3.5 and 4 were horrible. I’ve got a friend who is involved in play testing 5 and by his reckoning it should be called 3.75th which will be a big step forward in my view.

The novel will get some work today. Might even finish it – all depends how the laundry situation sorts itself out. Thankfully, I don’t have a lot, but I can’t go out anywhere until I do some laundry since I need pants – I might have to break down and get a pair of jeans with my next paycheck (but they are awfully expensive) and maybe a new shirt. What that has to do with writing is absolutely nothing – sorry, I am trying to stay on target here. I will need to get the alcohol for the vacation today… so I should start the laundry soon

… and maybe I should do something else while my clothes are getting dizzy… any suggestions?

Sunday, I am finally going to get around to getting that doorframe painted and try an experiment in using my headphones and a long recording of white noise to counteract the dogs barking early in the morning. I might get a full night’s sleep for a change. Who knows how I am going to act once I have a full eight hours under my belt? More than likely no different than I am acting now, but I will act more aware of my actions, which for some will be a gentle surprise. I like what’s happening here – the book will be finished by Wednesday and off to the editor by the weekend. I’ll need to email the artist to give them the info they need for the cover.

So – I should get hopping. Have fun today everyone.


Seething Apathy

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