The Ninety-Seventh Post: The One Where I Am Thankful I Only Have To Work Two Days This Week…

… wow – next time I figure out when my vacation I’m going to have to look at more than just when my paycheck falls. Without divulging too much – it not only hit the fan, but the A/C and the heating unit as well. Yeah. It’s pretty bad and I caught the trailing end of it when I returned yesterday. Ahh… work. I need to get around to avoiding it full time again.

I’m getting ready to start I/O Error ahead of finishing the current project. There are six androids, each of them have three functions that they can perform: primary, secondary and tertiary. The main character is name Gale – each android’s name is an acronym for their functions. Gale’s is Guest Relations (primary), Life Support (secondary) and Environment (tertiary). You may ask what the difference between Life Support and Environment is: Life Support keeps oxygen in your lungs; Environment keeps that oxygen from freezing. A somewhat fine distinction considering you’re a billion miles from the nearest station, but I needed something to go with the ‘L’.

It’s now 10:30 – I have been at this for about 2 hours and only gotten this far. I think I’m going to call it an early day and close my eyes for a few minutes. Sorry, everyone – I think I am still trying to recover from Tuesday/Wednesday. I’ll do better tomorrow. Really.


Seething Apathy

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