The One Hundred and Fourteenth Post: The One Where I Scratch My Head and Not Pull Out Ten Tangles…

I got my hair cut yesterday (and I know that this makes for captivating reading) and I went from someone who looks like an extra from Sons of Anarchy to someone who looks like they would at home in a clock tower in Texas. There is never any sort of middle ground with me. It’s actually a little too short, but I figure I’ll grow into the length I like and take a picture of that. For those of you who are extremely curious here is the link to a photo album online. I will warn you – with or without hair, I am hideous. Now that this has been put out of the way, we can move on to other things of questionable social value.

There is a writer’s meeting for Nanowrimo today, and I am thinking about going to it. Yes, I’ve stated that I am not really happy about most social situations, but I figure that this should hopefully help with my writing. I do need to come out of my shell every now and then, and I figure that the best way to ease myself into this is to go to situations where I have an interest in something. So, we’ll give this a try. At least I will be able to go to that Mongolian Grill place.

Speaking of no sleep until December…

I/O Error is still blocking me a little bit. I might end having to do the whole skip-ahead thing just to maintain some sort of momentum. I’m also not trying to think of this as ‘work’ when I sit down and write. This is my biggest dear – I get to a point where I am writing professionally, and I sit down in front of the computer and instead of the joy of telling a tale, I feel that same weariness come over me that I feel when I am at my current job. You have no idea how much I dread that moment. As much as I feel the hand of Fate moving me along at times, I fear that my own mercurial temperament will undo me. I sabotage romantic interests, friendships, work and even fun on some bi-polar Puck-like whim. This is material better suited for a therapist… unless there is a therapist reading this – then feel free to barrage me with questions privately. For now, I will let this stand and move on to other things.

While my first novel is getting edited, I am getting together other things: website hosting for starters. I do plan on having a website to hock my wares and garner attention. So far, all the reviews I’ve read leads me to believe that Host Gator is the best one, and for about $300.00 a year, I can not only get hosting, but also get Search Engine Optimization – meaning that my website will be placed higher on a search engine list like Google and DuckDuckGo. I just have to ask them about credit card processing… which means I can use my work expertise outside of the job for a change.

Oh – let me also push a book on y’all: Babylon Confidential by Claudia Christian (Ivanova – that’s all I need to say). I got this book Friday and I finished about 80% percent of it that day. It is a hard book to put down, and I would advance it as a cautionary tale for those who have dreams of taking L.A. and Hollywood by storm. If I ever have the privilege of meeting Ms. Christian in person, I’ll have to have her sign my copy. After this, I’m going to real Rule 34 as well as try to finish up a couple of private books. I’ve been letting too many of them drop by the wayside as of late.

Well, that’s all for now. I wish you a good day and good fortune.


Seething Apathy