The One Hundred and Twentieth Post: The One Where I Can’t Stop That Ringing Sound…

I’m going to show my age on this one: I hate these home fluorescent bulbs. When they’re on, they make this high pitched sound that even gets through the other high pitched whine in my head (I think that one is tinnitus, but I’ve had that sound since I was 6… and I don’t remember going to any rock concerts before then) and it’s driving me to distraction. Oh, which reminds me – I need to buy some light bulbs, some incandescent light bulbs – the ones that sit in the corner and quietly glow. Yes – I sound like I should be yelling at you to get off my lawn, but I’m sure you can understand that there are some sounds that drive you crazy (telephone ringing, baby crying, the in-and-out breathing of that guy sitting next to you at work). Of course, it’s early in the morning here for me (check local listings for morning or time to be forcibly awakened by an alarm), so I haven’t my morning infusion of caffeine, so that might be a factor as to the tolerance of that particular noise.

Anyway, back to other things. The novel chugs along and I am still ahead of the Nanowrimo curve. I’ve got a day’s worth of work on it, so if I need to I can skip a day. I’m starting on the conflict between Nate and Gail – which I am hoping to turn into a major conflict along the lines of Ahab/Starbuck. Actually, come to think of it – that’s a pretty good pitch line. I’ll have to work on that a little bit. After I finish this blog and get some aspirin. I am going to try to finish the second act later on today and get into the real conflict by the weekend, where I can throw myself with little abandon into the real conflict. I can’t wait! This is going to be the novel that’s going to put me on the map, as it were.

Thanksgiving is getting prepared. I’m heading out to the grocery store Saturday to get the materials for the stew. For those of you who may be new – my Thanksgiving tradition is to make a turkey dish, not a whole turkey. Last year, I made turkey ravioli (it was good – however if I try to make ravioli again, I’ll try to find a ravioli press). This year, it is going to be turkey stew. I like cooking and given my schedule, I don’t do it that often. So, Thanksgiving is like my Super Bowl moment. All that I am missing are cheerleaders in the kitchen, and yes, I’ll accept applications for the position of kitchen cheerleader for this year. Pictures can be posted in the comments section. Applicants must be willing to wear a skimpy turkey costume and do dishes. Pom-poms will be mandatory.

Well, I am going to wrap things up here and get to work on the novel. Hope you all have a good day.



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