The Hundred and Twenty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Detail A Private Frustration…

I have a friend if mine – nice person, really goes out of his way to help people – who works as a caretaker in a house for people with mental disabilities.  He’s been working two weeks straight.  No days off until last Sunday and was promised a day off today.  Well, yesterday he was brought in by the head of the particular house he’s working in (he rotates between houses) and was praised for his efforts. Really laying it on nice and thick.

Maybe this is my particular set of psychological maladies, but when someone starts handing me compliments, I get suspicious. Not my friend, however. Then the head of the house asks if he could work Tuesday… the other day off.  I can’t believe that he fell for it and what’s worse he’s doing it.  Another full week. 

I’m much more irritated that he just rolled over and took this.  Granted, yes he’s doing great work and really enjoys helping people. I am mad that:
1) the director assumed that giving out compliments would make him more pliable.
2) he went along with it.

Yes, I might sound a little shriller than usual about this, but this is a friend of mine.  I am loyal to my friends and I take it personally if one is injured.  This is insulting.  I should call that director and let them have it… and that more than likely would get my friend fired.

Well… enough of this.  I’m running a bit late. I promise tomorrow more writing and less drama.