The One Hundred and Twenty Fifth Post: The One I Where I Try to Get It Together and Quickly…

I don’t know about you, but it’s becoming more and more apparent that I am an afternoon person. It’s getting harder to get myself mentally moving in the morning, so I apologize if I seem a little scattered-brained today. I had some issues with my Kindle Fire – and to Amazon’s credit, they handled it very quickly… in face a day sooner than I had anticipated. So – kudos for Amazon’s Customer Service on their handling of this inconvenience with my device. Granted, this doesn’t help my fatigue, but I thought I would get that out before I forgot.

The novel I/O Error continues along. Right now, I am giving out the major hint that what is ailing the ship may not have simple roots in structural issues or a simple pod malfunction. I tried to work on this at the last Nanowrimo write in, but I was so tired and I forgot my power pack that I could only write for a couple of hours before heading back home for dinner and laundry. It was an exhausting Saturday, but a fun one. I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback so far – although I need to remember next time to ask about pacing. Pacing is very important for horror and I am not sure if I am keeping the pacing at a good level. However, I am going to continue on as if I am crafting the next Bram Stoker and Nebula winner. Who knows? I might just be doing such a thing. As far as Nanowrimo goes… well… thankfully, I have Thursday off. I was going to cook a nice pot of turkey stew and drop biscuits, but given how far behind I am, I might just do that later and have the somewhat less traditional turkey sandwiches, chips and salsa con queso. Less time to fix but more time to crank out the words… like, 15,000 of them. 10 hours of work for me and there is only one football game on Thursday that I am really interested in, so I’ll have plenty of time to get back to where I am supposed to be (38,341 – although I think the final word count is going to be more than 50,000. If my last one is any indication, I’m looking at around 70,000). I’m just looking to hit the 50K mark on November 30th, but I want to finish the novel before the year is out.

Well, on the personal front, there is very little to report. I’ve been letting a lot of movies slip by me – I should (if I have the time) go see the movie Argo. My reading (thanks Kindle and Nook!) has been taking off – I’m reading Choke and I have to admit – I like this man’s style of storytelling. Very stripped down and quick moving with a tad of social commentary mixed in, but you don’t feel like you’re being pushed along unwillingly. I recommend Choke if you are looking for something to read that’s light and quick.

With all of that being said, I do need to get back to my own novel. So – y’all have fun.



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