The One Hundred and Twenty Third Post: The One Where I Am Barely Awake – Not That This Should Surprise Anyone…

I overslept a wee bit today and by wee bit, I mean two and a half hours and by oversleep I mean my alarm didn’t go off. I’m still a little fuzzy in the head, so if this particular entry doesn’t make sense after reading it two or three times, blame Samsung for putting in batteries that can’t take a bit of a Southern chill. Really – it was only 29 degrees last night. We’re not even in winter yet. Hmph.

The novel has hit another snag – this one in how to parcel out the information about the vessel the Eliza
Jenny. Gail has downloaded a bunch of files concerning the ship and the overall picture I want to convey is one of creeping terror. The whole premise for the book stems from a bit of nautical folklore about naming vessels. The skinny of it is this: when renaming a vessel, you have to remove every vestige of the original name. Not just the name on the prow or on the aft, but every last location – even the name of the vessel on the floating keychain has to be removed and there has to be a rededication ceremony. So, in this particular vessel the name has not been completely removed, so hijinks ensue. Gail, in doing research for the pod that’s still in the bay (spoiler: it’s going to stay there for a while) makes the discovery and that is going to be the trigger for bigger and badder things to happen. I’m just trying to figure out how much information about the Eliza
Jenny I want to give out and whether or not to introduce the sisters. Well, I’ll mull this over during work… provided I can get into the phones this time (I don’t want to get into that right now…)

Right now, I am looking forward to getting my Nanowrimo bracelet. It’s a 2 GB flash drive in a silicone rubber bracelet with ‘My Novel’ stamped on it. Yeah – geeky to be sure, but hey – fake it til you make it, right? Gah… my mind is moving too slow for things today. That and the dogs are barking. I was hoping that the chillier weather would have them inside for the season, but no luck. Sorry everyone, I am still a little out of it and I even had my normal ration of caffeine. I think that oversleeping (while very good, since I had a dream with Bruce Campbell, Timothy Oliphant and Lena Olin discussing a plan with me. I’ll have to file that away in my ‘plot bunnies’ file) might have done me in as it were. Then again, when I wake up to the alarm I’m out of it. So – today’s secret word is snafu. Feel free to use it in a sentence. More than likely, you’ll use this at work like I do.

Well, I am going to grab my notebook and write out a series of articles for Gail to read… and try to wake up.



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