The One Hundred and Twenty-Fourth Post: The One I Write While Further Establishing The Metaphor…

The Hand of Fate pushes me along further still! I got my manuscript back from the editor and there are only a couple of major changes to be made, mostly its typos (understandable since I never learned to type… or proofread apparently) and I am set to go. All that’s lacking is the cover art, but I’ve been told that it is getting put together now. On my end, all I need to do is start getting information together to get the website set up, but I am not going to actually get that done until I have the whole book and artwork – since I also need to start seriously looking at web hosting services. I wish I could convey just how darned happy I feel right now. I am finally getting everything together to live the life that I feel that I was destined to live. I just wish I had the gumption to try this a lot earlier, but hey – better late than never, right? Let this be a lesson – never let anyone or anything stand in between your dreams.

Anyway – I am still hacking away at I/O Error. I am still working on the releases – I am going to limit the files to three, then have her tell us about the rest (ignoring the whole ‘show, not tell’ rule). It’s not out of laziness that I do something like this; I just need to keep the prose as tight as possible – especially with a horror novel.

Drat! I need to shower. Sorry this one’s so short.


Sincerely and Soaped Up,

Seething Apathy