The Two Hundredth Post: The One Where I Break A Long Standing Rule In Celebration Because…

… really, who’s reading this thing anyways? 😀

That’s right – 200 posts. If I have been religious about this, I should have reached this mile stone months ago, since I’m not here I am. I am amazed at how this has come along from my random ranting to ranting with a purpose.

Speaking of purpose…

The novel continues along, although I didn’t hit my mark yesterday – I will try to get to it today and maybe even go a little over. The growing tension between Aevar and Tyro continues, but I fear that it’s going to be a letdown when they do square off later in the book, but I will have to admit that it’s interesting to bring these two together. Anyways – I am going to try to get at least halfway through the chapter. So this will be a short posting since I have to get to work.

Now – on to the breaking rule to celebrate post 200.

Me – you can figure out who is who:

Hammer jokes always sound funnier in your head rather than aloud


Well – here’s to another 200!



Seething Apathy

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