The Two Hundred and Second Post: The One Where I Sip More Coffee and Try My Best to Wake Up…

I am starting to wake up now, thankfully. It’s Friday here, so I’m about 6 hours away from the weekend reprieve and hopefully I can keep the momentum going for the novel through Saturday where I can try to make up a little lost ground. I am now aiming for a finish to this in November and looking to a spring release. Just so long as I can keep the momentum going. Coffee will be the fuel for the new era.

Speaking of momentum… I have been trying to avoid a lot of the clichés in fantasy settings, and – wow, it’s making for an interesting story. Well, I am trying to avoid what I think are clichés. All I’m really doing is when I come to a point where I think I could go two ways, and then go the way that I wouldn’t take. So far, taking the lesser path has gotten me a new wrinkle on one of the secondary characters and has set up a great opportunity to look at the relationship between the protagonist and one of the more important secondary characters (Tyro and Ghislain). I’m hoping to get something close to a love story, but limit the physical aspects to a cuddle here and there, but nothing more than that (if you read the novel, you’ll see why). I am also still trying to work on the third book while writing the first one and finalizing the outline for the second one. I’m concerned that I only have an opening scene and a one word summary (your secret word for today: apotheosis. If you hear the secret word, you know what to do kids? That’s right! Scream really loud! Good luck in trying to maneuver someone into using that word.) while the second book is almost ready to go. I would like to be able to go from second book right into third – given the amount of time it takes me to write, this really shouldn’t be a problem… I’ll try to do the best I can, maybe I’ll just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. If it works for pasta, it should for literature, right?

In a little over a month, Art Bell makes his return to radio and I cannot be happier. I am thinking about subscribing to the service to get him. I had been listening to old shows on the Internet, but the server got shut down. I found u7radio and tuned in when I could. Using my streaming radio player was problematic, because it would find the first server and not the third that had Art Bell’s show on it. Well, now that he’s returning to the airwaves… kinda… I am going to pony up the $20.00 a month to listen to him on Sirius. As a side benefit, I also get NFL games on the radio, so I can finally get a full season of my favorite team!

OK – the caffeine is kicking in, so it’s off to have Tyro pick the body of a dead man. Hey – it’s a living.


Seething Apathy

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