The Two Hundred and Fifth Post: The One Where I Think That Wednesday is the New Tuesday

Anyone who was soul-crushingly disappointed in the Episodes One and Two of Star Wars needs to watch
this. I had similar ideas, but I have to admit – this is a lot better. I am trying to get together mentally together to get on to the next part of the novel. Ok – this is not working. Let me get some caffeine and try to get going here.

I am at the scene now where they are just about ready to escape. I am really charged up (well, as charged as up I can get on a lack of caffeine.) to get to this scene and get them out into the wider world. I am looking forward to throw them into the big change of culture that’s coming on the other side of that travel stone. With that and the chase into a city it will close the act, get everyone to the middle of the novel and give everyone a much needed break from the action.

Wow, I am out of it now. I should end this here (it being 1:30 PM here) and try to get my 1,500 in. I hope you all have a better day than me.


Seething Apathy.

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