Behind Enemy Lines!

Hello, all!  Just a quick note to say that this was one of the hardest Tuesdays to get through as far as writing goes. Usually, it takes me only 3 hours to write the 1,500 words needed to inch my novel along. Today it to the whole 5 and I worked all the way up to the final hour before I had to shower and get ready for work. I am not a fan of those days. Because that makes it more like work rather than fun. On the bright side, I did finish chapter 6 and the second act is winding down. Chapter 7 it’s going to be the main characters write thing through the emotional impact of their flight, marked with the character Nysa having a very colorful emotional meltdown. That was fun to write, I’ll admit. It of all the dialogue I write, Nysa’s is the most challenging because of the way she speaks. She doesn’t call any of the ushabit by their name. Ghislain is referred to as either stone or mountain, Tyro is water (usually a river or the ocean), Marah is metal (and the only one who do doesn’t have a secondary tag), Aevar is referred to as a hunting bird and Nysa when referring to herself is always fire. I also use a website to get her syntax different, but I might use something else in the re-write. I don’t know. I’m still loving the novel, so this bodes well for me.

I hope everyone has a good day. I’ve got to go back to work and fake some enthusiasm. Y’all take care.

Seething Apathy

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