Behind Enemy Lines: No, I am not here for the hunting…

Today was further proof that I need sleep. I couldn’t settle down until 4:00 AM and got up at 10:00 AM to deal with the people to clean the gutters. After that was done, I tried to get something done, but only managed a couple hundred words… and I am having a change of heart concerning one character’s departure from the book.  For this of you interested or want to give feedback, read on.

There is a character in the first book named Nysa. I’m sure I’ve mentioned her a couple of times. Well, in the first mental run through of the novel, and she was going to have a very tragic death at the hands of angry villagers (fire, pitchforks and the such). It was going to be the first death that was going to shake the group to the core as they left, proving to the ushabit that the world they are in now isn’t all sunshine and happy work. I liked that idea, trying to keep up the notion that anyone can die. However, there have been some changes from in between what was in my head and what’s ending up on paper. I’ve already killed off one character and now I’m in the cool-down part of the novel, so less action, more character development. So, I’m thinking of giving Nysa a more romantic send-off. Letting her elect to remain behind in the happy village, leaving behind Marah and the others to go on. The relationship between Marah and Nysa is supposed to be more one resembling mother/daughter rather than any sort of romantic interests. Of course, Nysa is still a stitched together corpse animated by magic and had her mind shattered at the hands of her very creator – so there is still a little bit of a squick factor to be looked at. Would like to get some sort of feed back on this: we had one main character death in the previous chapter, would another one make this book seem to swerve in G. R. R. Martin territory, or will it outside that there is no such thing at safety in this series?

In other news, I went out to a ballgame and got a light sunburn on the left side of my face. It was a good day as I got to spend it outside with some relative peace. The team lost, but since I had no money on it, it’s no big loss to me. Football season starts soon, and I am going to get the satellite train package to get every game of my favorite team (for a change) rather than relying on the networks to cut in on the last 5 minutes of a game. Seriously guys, there are other teams than Patriots, Packers, Cowboys, Redskins, Ravens, Saints and every other team other than the Panthers, Jaguars and the Bills. I’m looking at you Fox. Yes, you.

I should get back to work, or at least back to faking it.

Seething Apathy

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