The Two Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Post: The One Where I Still Wonder…

… why we haven’t gotten a decent H. P. Lovecraft film. They’re remaking Godzilla (found the trailer) and Guillermo del Toro left At The Mountains of Madness to do Pacific Rim, but there are no big budget adaptions for anything directly from Lovecraft. Holy Cow, why not? It’s not like he’s been a minor influence in horror in the past 90 years. It’s not like it’s filled with impractical effects. Even if you have to go the low budget route – there is a lot you can do with just the atmosphere. Oh, well – we will have to just quietly hope and pray to our slumbering Lord beneath the waves.

OK – got three-quarters through the fourth chapter yesterday and should finish that part of the outline today. I started to introduce Ronda (remember these are placeholder names – put away your lawyers) and will get more into her (heh,heh,heh) as the tale goes on. I’ve been thinking about how most romance novels end with the guy and the girl getting together in the long term, but what if the pair do just nothing more than hook-up a few times and then go their separate ways? Maybe – but that seems like that would violate the HAE rule in romance. Well, we’ll see what pops up in the outline.

Finally finished Tyro’s eighth chapter and have started on the next one – and I got to introduce the hunda in general and Looks-Afar specifically. The hunda are intelligent, telepathic dogs. Looks-Afar is a young hunda and decides to follow Tyro (…or as he puts it ‘You’re my sidekick!’) along for the books. He’s going to be another touchstone character, someone that we can compare and contrast the ‘normal’ life with the ‘ushabit’ life. Looks-Afar is also going to be a bit of a comic relief himself, or at least he isn’t going to be as serious as some of the other characters. The hunda are the only thing that is from the original draft I wrote those many, many years ago. Hopefully, it will work out better than the first time. They were just here and there, now I am trying to make one a full character in the story.

I feel exhausted today and I don’t know why. Oh, wait – yes, I do. I’m a light sleeper on a late shift and I live near a grocery store, so everyone has to make their pilgrimage by my bedroom window and complain about ‘some motherfucker gonna get his shit taken out’. You might ask why I don’t have the windows closed. I will respond with: I do. The people here just talk that loud. I think I am going to try to lie down for a few minutes and get a quick nap before writing, or I might just sleep until 4:00 and shower and hop out the door.

Well, I hope your day is better than mine.


Seething Apathy

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