The Seventy-Ninth Post: The One Where I Try To Write A Little More From The Comfort of My Routine…

I have my caffeine; I have my sounds (my favorite podcast) and I have my computer running. I also have a headache, but two of these things are going to alleviate that. Now that I am firmly in the routine, let’s put in the work. What do I want to talk about today? Well, I did see The Dark Knight Rises – on its own, it stands as a great summer film. As the final part of the trilogy, it wraps up everything nicely. I think it suffers from the flaw of too many villains and should have stuck with Bane and the not-so-subtle jab at the Occupy movement. However, if they did that, then the fanboys would have been howling for a Batman movie with Catwoman in it. If they had just Catwoman, then the movie’s theme would have to be different and (while sparking another ‘How I Would Have Done It Differently’ – I should get back to writing those) I think it might have taken away from the dark tone the first two movies labored so hard to achieve and maintain. Overall, this was far better than Prometheus, but as far as action and just plain fun goes – The Avengers is still out in the lead. The next summer film to take a shot at is Total Recall, which I will go to see next Friday.

My novel has languished somewhat, but I have an artist for the cover and hopefully they will be kind enough to do it for free. I have an editor (Hello, editor!), so I believe that everything is coming together (cue: ominous music) to get this book off the ground. I am looking for other e-book hosting options beyond Kindle and Nook. I have heard grumbles of dissatisfaction concerning Smashwords, so I might pass on them. Since I have the software to convert books to Epub format, I might sell them on the major sites, but also have a way to purchase them from my website as well once it’s set up. When it’s done, I’ll put up a link from here. I am still aiming for a November or December release. After that, I might deviate a little from my original plans and release a second volume of 4 Bits and a Dollar for October, making it a yearly thing. But I/O Error is going to be my second novel and I am going to have that finished by January (or so I hope). My goal is to have four books a year written, and at least three of them hitting the shelves in that year. This Saturday and Sunday, I am going to work to get the last three chapters finished, and with it the novel. Thankfully, I can write the ice cream scenes at work with my Color, so I can get a little more work done. I sincerely think this is going to work.

Wish me luck.



Seething Apathy

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