Tne Seventy-Eighth Post: The One I Am Writing Behind Enemy Lines

Hello all.  I am using my Color to write this post at work.  This will be a short post because I have a short lunch.

I am a creature of habit.  Any little thing that happens to me that is out of my normal routine ripples through my day like a boulder tossed in a pond.  What threw me off today was people coming over to cut down some tree limbs that were coming close to power lines… so having someone knock on the door at 8:00 AM — an hour and a half before I needed to get up.  I couldn’t get back to sleep comfortably and I was too scatterbrained to write.   I tried to get something going — even if it was some planning on another novel.

How has your day been?  I promise to write something more pithy tomorrow.

Seething Apathy

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