The One Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Post: The One I Am Writing From My Spiffy Kindle

Hello everyone.  I have a Kindle Fire (the replacement for the one that just ‘screw the lot of you, I’m going home) and I an writing this episode on it… mostly because I want to try this small keyboard.  Thankfully, you can’t see that for every five keystrokes I have to take back three.  Just trying to get used to this smaller keyboard.  There was a Nanowrimo write in that I had to skip because… well… I am not the social creature that such a thing requires.  Yes, I went to couple of them and to be honest — there wasn’t any great benefit to it for me.  I came in, sat down, put in my head phones and started writing.  The only difference was that there was coffee closer by to me and my greatest weakness there: red velvet cake (I wish I could quit you…).  So, today I made the choice to sit this one out.  Sorry, guys — there was little point in being there.  Oh, that and I had no money for coffee or cake.  When I end up going to some sort of coffee place or bakery to meet someone, I feel like I should get something. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough to my name and the holiday season approaches.

So, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  I spent mine at home (no surprise), but I had fun.  I also got to find something on YouTube that bears some excitement.  Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome has been released there, with the promise of unedited Blu-Ray being released in February.  About this I have several mixed feelings.  I think BSG is the best series that the Sci-Fi channel has put out (before you send the hate mail, I also like Warehouse 13) and how they’ve shoved it to the Internet with almost no notification is despicable.  Yes, it gets mocked for their bad movies and their programming choices, but every now and then — it showed some real merit.  Now?  Once Warehouse 13 ends its run… there is little to hold me to that channel. It’s a shame, given that sci-fi TV gets the “funny uncle” treatment. I know that at the root of all this is the Almighty Dollar and Universal is trying to make a profit by trying to fit the channels to the times (G4… the ‘G’ now stands for ‘gone’), but that is a horribly narrow view.  If you want an example of the power of fandom, just look at “Firefly”.  That show never got a full season and was mismanaged by Fox, but it got a movie to tie up the story.  How many cancelled series can say that they got that?  Going on 10 years and there are still Browncoats (including me) flying.  I know that I am a single voice amid that crowd and just me isn’t going to change anything.  I can say this: keep flying guys.

Now that I am done frothing at the mouth over that, I can move on to other things.  I/O Error continues along its pace.  I am thinking that there should be a couple more spooky moments just to drive home that there is something wrong with the ship that a simple coat of paint and a swapping of parts can’t fix.  I want to get to the Sisters in a little more depth when they hit the heliopause — one of those ice cream scenes I’ve been holding on to for a while.  My next project is going to be “Valentina’s Feast” so I can keep up this horror vein I have been working in for a while.  My tent pole series will be worked on after “Valentina’s Feast”.  Now, this is not meant to lessen any of the other works. I take all of this very seriously.

Well, I have rambled on long enough about these things.  If you want me to ramble about other things, feel free to drop me line with a suggestion.  I hope y’all have a good evening

Seething Apathy

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