The One Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Post: The Post Pushed-Back Thanksgiving Post Post…

Since the turkey wasn’t going to return itself, I decided to go on ahead and make this. I would have made this Thanksgiving, but… well… I didn’t have the energy Thursday, but I had some Sunday. You know – I’m a pretty good cook and the meal was a lot easier than I had considered. Here it is in its pre-‘get in mah belly’ phase:


Not pictured: Massive weight gain

Of course, I have to point this out:

Who knew vegetarians could make everything so tasty?

No more stew left, sorry to say. Apparently the ‘4 to 5 people’ listed in the recipe are very tiny people because I had 2 ½ bowls and finished everything. I was also very hungry. Still have plenty of drop biscuits, though. They were good, too. If you want any, just open your CD drive and I slide you some through the Internet (Mac users need not apply). I might cook again. Guests must notify their intentions of gluttony via e-mail, smoke signals or phone call.

Anyhow, back to writing. I slacked off Sunday because it was Sunday and I have a habit of watching football. I have the Washington/Dallas game save on my DVR because I want to be able to sit down and watch the whole thing without interruptions, so it’s going to be a next Sunday game. Sundays are also days where I do very little in terms of writing or anything else for that matter. I/O Error is still coming along. I have gotten some feedback and I might have to make my first set of revisions soon after the finish. In the beginning, when I was describing anything that Gail was viewing, I tried to include any sort of calculations she would be making in her head (processor?) – really trying to give the reader an ‘android-eye view’ of what she was seeing. This would be important in later scenes with the Twins (spoiler image). However, I had a line that popped into my head which sounded nice – but looking back at that line:

The logical side of her processor noted that Milo was an independent device and did not need or benefit from any sort of increased attention. The quantum side of the processor told the logical side to put a sock in it.

There are more lines like this throughout the book where we see the logical processor (the traditional computer) and the quantum processor (the part of her that can make non-logical, human-like leaps of conclusion) either bicker or cooperate. In doing this I am ignoring one of the Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling. So (with the prompting of my writer’s group… more on that later), I am going to go back through and take out the logical/quantum processor interchange (to be honest – they did have one good interchange about the first ghost they directly encounter… I am going to miss that moment, but it doesn’t serve the story). Well, I might leave that part in the story and see what the group thinks. It might warrant keeping it in there.

Well, I have a manuscript to write, so I need to get cracking.



Seething Apathy


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